Gardening and Landscape Design Courses

MapleGardenSchool offers comprehensive courses in gardening and landscape design tailored to the Canadian climate. Learn from experienced horticulturists and enhance your gardening skills.

Our Courses


Introduction to Gardening

Learn the basics of gardening, including soil preparation and plant selection.


Landscape Design

Master the principles of landscape design to create stunning outdoor spaces.


Sustainable Gardening

Explore sustainable gardening practices for an eco-friendly garden.

About MapleGardenSchool

MapleGardenSchool specializes in providing high-quality courses in gardening and landscape design. Our experienced instructors and comprehensive curricula ensure you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to excel in horticulture.


Course Fees

Beginner Course


Per month

  • A basic course for those new to gardening and landscape design.
Intermediate Course


Per month

  • A course for learners looking to expand their gardening skills and knowledge.
Advanced Course


Per month

  • An intensive course for advanced learners looking to refine their gardening techniques.

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